About The Boardwalk


A Richmond favorite for over 18 years, Ken and Sherri Sledd opened The Boardwalk in 1996.  The family run business is currently operated by Ken’s daughter, Eunice, son-in-law John, granddaughter Janet.  Until recently, The Boardwalk had a fixed location at 2106 Henderson Road, near Libbie and Broad.  After a fire destroyed the interior on December 16, 2013, the family decided to go mobile and serve the best hot dog on wheels throughout Richmond and surrounding counties.   In addition to our lunch and dinner locations, The Boardwalk can be found at local fairs, festivals, sporting events, private functions and really anywhere that people love a fresh hot dog, burger, or sandwich.

What makes The Boardwalk Hot Dogs so dang delicious?  Our Thumann deli dogs (from Jersey) are cooked to order every single time before being placed atop a fresh potato bun with your choice of toppings.  The Boardwalk also serves up the most irresistible burgers, cheese steaks, fries, flat-bread sandwiches and more.  Click Here to View Our Menu

At The Boardwalk, “it’s the little things” that make a difference!  From the quality of our food to the smiles on our faces, we care deeply about this business and our loyal customers.  If you would like to book The Boardwalk food trailer for your event, please call (804)288-4388 or contact us through the website today.

About the Boardwalk